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"Finger-picking good!"
-Kaoru Sato, guitarist of Deathline, Weird Sex
"Just down the road in Oakland, singer-songwriter James Meder with his voice like a rich red wine tells nostalgic tales with his guitar. His 'Quiet Little Song' asks, 'might you need a hand, a shoulder or this quiet little song? It might last you all night long, would that be so wrong?' Sounds quite nice."
-Monterey County Weekly 
" the second coming of Nick Drake!"
-Nic Loren Eberstein, Singer/Songwriter aka King Awkward

Hailing from Los Angeles California, James Meder is a singer/songwriter who delivers energetic stage performances combined with intricately crafted guitar and wordsmithery. This experience encompasses an eclectic array of sounds that breathe new life into genres ranging from traditional folk to experimental music.  

In 2014 James released Aura, a collection of 10 original acoustic-based songs. 2016 saw the release of disKover, a collection of 6 classic cover songs including artists such as Joni Mitchell, John Martyn and contemporary artists like Meshell Ndegeocello. In 2018, James released a 3 song live-to-vinyl EP made at History of Recorded Sound in Culver City, California. 


James is back to releasing original music in 2022, after a lengthy hiatus of 9 years away from studio produced recordings. ‘Final Cue’ is fresh; incorporating new and exciting sounds - sampled drum beats, lush synths, layered vocals and a feel that’s light and inviting. 


James has shared the stage with bands such as Barcelona (Seattle), Not An Airplane (Stockton), Foxtails Brigade (San Francisco), Matt Beutow (Portland), Steve Dukeheart (Los Angeles) and many more. Do not miss your chance to catch James Meder live when performing on a stage near you! 

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James Meder is endorsed by Nicola Brand Strings.


"Summer's End," an original by James is featured on the soundtrack of the romantic comedy, Not Your Year, directed by James Meyers. 

James has submitted to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest consecutively for the past 5 years. 

James currently provides audio engineering, production and mixing services in the Los Angeles area. Please visit for more info.

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